Wednesday, April 11, 2018

"The Lybyankan Candidate," Season 1 Finale: "Missiles Flying" (No Longer Tentative)

From the Desk of Boris

Production Memorandum: The Lubyankan Candidate (Television Version, season 1)

From: Boris B, Associate Producer
To: Natasha F., Script Analyst
Subject: Wrapping Up First Year

Natasha, sweetheart! I've talked to Production Team, who have talked with "Money," who have had audience with You Know Who. They love idea of Fearless Leader playing subtle 5-D chess performing Operation Butterfly Wing: letting Uncle Sam Apple-Pie And Mom, LLC, totally patriotic US-firm-subsidiary supply gasses and other deadly goodies below cost to Syrian Sock Puppet, who will do his thing. They also like counterattack by Orange Marionette using missiles, of which US Navy provide video for free.

Dog wagged and asset active for second season.

However: Nyet on sequence of glorious Imperial Navy sinking US destroyer. Notes from Money say would look like Fearless Leader switch chess to Battleship (name of boys' game and bad movie). Would also take remaining budget for CGI. My suggestion to just sink a US ship and film not well received: no budget for shooting of any kind outside of USSR Russian Federation, and unsure future free videos from Amerikanski meet exacting tech standards of 5-D chess player.

So: End season one with missile flying (stock video) intercut with our man in command, basking amid support of yuuuuge demonstration in Washington DC showing him love and support (stock video of Inauguration crowd + cheap CGI).

Work fast. We need scripts for 25-year run.

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