Thursday, January 18, 2018

Lyrics: Tom Lehrer's "MLF Lullaby" in the Time of Trump

Sleep, baby, sleep, in peace you may slumber;
No danger lurks your peace to encumber.
Our missiles will un-leash fury and fire
Gone with the whim of a com-pul-sive liar.

Donnie controls our nuclear forces;
He'll lose control, when he next divorces.
Melania walks, and calls him damn glutton —
So he freaks and shows the power of his button.

Once we most sweated some mad General Ripper,
But that couldn't happen today;
That's not how we'll be blown away.

So sleep tight my darlings, let your sweet dreams linger;
We know the Donald won't give us the finger.
Heil — Hail! — dear Leader; you'll make us great again;
Hail the Commander-in Chief;
Our orange goon,
Will kill Kim Jong-un:
"Death from above" in full-gold leaf!

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