Sunday, June 26, 2016

Quick Comment on "The Right to Bear Arms"

Arms don't have to be guns. For a long time most cops even in very tough parts of London and elsewhere in the UK and Ireland got by with clubs, and the American weapon of home defense for most of my life was a baseball bat in the bedroom. (When my richer friends were talking about home security systems, I said, truthfully, that I'd upgraded mine by trading in my old wooden bat for a Little-League size aluminum bat.) 

We'll get sensible gun control laws in the USA when there's (1) open-carry in the US Congress; (2) someone yells "Gun!" and (3) a fair number of representatives are taken out by "friendly fire"; the survivors just might pass some decent legislation. 

The racial, ethnic, and class issues behind our laws on "bearing arms" become a whole lot clearer when you consider the laws on guns vs. knives. 

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